Terms & Conditions of Service

Details matter.

1.1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, these terms and conditions shall apply to all services provided by Catarina Lopes — Translation Services (hereinafter the “Translator”), located at Sítio dos Salicos, 8400-422 Carvoeiro - Lagoa, Portugal. By using the services provided by the Translator, the client agrees to these terms and conditions.
1.2. Client’s terms of service are not in effect until approved in writing by the translator.
1.3. The translator may change these terms and conditions at any time without notice.

2.1. The Translator shall take any and all steps necessary to ensure consistent delivery of work of a high professional standard.
2.2. The Translator shall make every effort to meet agreed-upon terms with the client but shall not be held accountable for delays in completion caused by events beyond the Translator’s control.
2.3. The Client shall supply relevant information about the text to be translated and also glossaries, documentation or style guides, if available, to ensure the delivered work meets the client’s requirements.
2.4. If any changes to the initial project are requested by the client, the Translator reserves the right to revise the fee and the delivery date.

3.1. Translation services are usually priced according to the source text word count. Other services may be charge at an hourly rate.
3.2. All services provided are subject to a minimum charge of EUR 50.
3.3. Additional fees may apply for urgent requests, complex formatting, non-editable files, etc.
3.4. Where applicable, 23% VAT will be charged in addition to the quoted fee.

4.1. If an assignment is cancelled after a contract has been formed, the Translator will retain the right to compensation for all work completed up to the time of cancellation.

5.1. Payment in full to the Translator shall be effected to the time limit agreed or no later than 30 days from the date of invoice, by the method of payment specified. For long assignments, the Translator may request an initial payment and periodic partial payments on terms to be agreed. Under certain circumstances, full payment in advance will be required.
5.2. If the client is employed by an end client or third party, the translator’s business agreement is with the client only. The client must pay the translator as agreed upon, regardless of the end client or third party’s payment policies.
5.3. Exceeding the due agreed date may result in additional costs and/or a monthly interest rate.

6.1. Upon receipt of the translation, the client shall promptly review it and notify the Translator of any problems concerning the work delivered as soon as possible. No claims will be considered after 10 working days from the date of delivery.
6.2. If the complaint is founded, the Translator must be given the opportunity to correct the translation before payment terms or rates are changed.
6.3. Style-related changes or any other changes beyond Translator’s responsibility will be charged accordingly.

7.1. Within the limits of the law, the liability of the Translator will be limited to the amount of the invoice.
7.2. Translator shall have no responsibility whatever as to any changes in the translation made by persons other than the translator.

8.1. Translator retains copyright of the translation until the invoice for the translation has been paid in full.

9.1. Translator will treat all sensitive information supplied by the client as strictly confidential, and take steps to protect that confidentiality.

10.1. These terms of service shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Portugal.