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Customer Satisfaction

To guarantee quality and ensure customer satisfaction, for a period of two weeks following the project's completion, you may request any changes, free of charge (addition of new content will be charged at the usual rate). As part of a close follow-up policy, I always welcome feedback and will gladly sort out any terminological issues or other matters if need be.

I endorse's professional guidelinesfor translation services.​​

Rates & Payment

Translation services are usually priced according to the source text word count. For proofreading/editing services, an hourly rate will be applied. Teaching and training services are rated on an hourly basis.

Every project is unique. An approximate quote will be calculated after a careful review of your document. I will be happy to advise you further and offer you a service that will meet your requirements.

Wire transfer and PayPal accepted.

For a personalised, no-obligation quote, please send your request to or fill out the contact form.

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I offer professional translation services from English and Spanish into European Portuguese, my mother tongue. I deliver clear translations that reflect accurately the essence of the original text, whilst ensuring that the final work meets the target audience's expectations. I specialise mainly in Beauty/Cosmetics, Marketing, Tourism, Business, Medical, Nutrition, Environment and Social Sciences, but I do work in other fields. I also transcreate marketing copies and other creative content. I translate different types of documents, including brochures, catalogues, websites, instruction manuals, food labels, subtitles, literary texts, surveys, corporate communications, articles, handbooks, newsletters, reports, advertising material, presentations, press releases, and more.

Proofreading & Editing

Proofreading is a process whereby an edited text is scanned for grammar, syntax, spelling errors and typographical and layout errors, creating flawless and print-ready materials.

Editing involves in-depth research and consists on checking the translation against the original document, focussing not only on the correctness of the text but also on terminology consistency, adequacy and style. I also provide stylistic and content editing of Portuguese texts, ensuring that clarity, fluency, logic and consistency are achieved. The extent of editing/rewriting required is always agreed upon with the client. 


I am a qualified foreign language teacher and trainer working for the Portuguese Ministry of Education and Science in Middle and High Schools. I have also worked as a university assistant lecturer, teaching Business English, Spanish Language and Culture and Translation Techniques. I have a vast experience in creating educational materials as well as designing courses that will cover your language learning needs. 

Other services

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